Here is where you will find answers to all of your questions.
Okay... not literally all of your questions... but questions about stuff on our website. {We hope, at least by this point, that you have thought or said under your breath — “well, duh.”} ...Because what exactly did you think was going to be on the FAQ|WTF page? It's clearly labeled.

Jon & Kim | Art & Oddities

Payments & Shipping

◼︎ What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Facebook Pay, Venmo and PayPal.

◼︎ What shipping options do you offer?
Currently, our shipping options are at the discretion of our drop-ship vendors. We have carefully chosen the best vendors for our items. They offer the standard shipping options: Budget, Standard, and Express. *Some items offer free shipping!

◼︎ Do you ship internationally?
Not yet(ish). We are working on automating these. Please contact us if you need more information. We can create a manual order for international delivery.

◼︎ How long will my order take to get to me?
That answer depends on what was ordered and which shipping option was selected. Most orders are shipped within 2-4 days. Limited Edition Prints and special orders will take longer. Please contact us if you didn’t receive a estimated delivery time with your order.

◼︎ How do I return something I purchased from JaKAaO?
Please contact us right away if there is a problem with your purchase. Our vendors/manufacturers offer the very best customer support and service, as do we! We promise to urgently remedy any purchase. Please note: Some items, like Limited Edition Prints, cannot be returned.

◼︎ How do I purchase a gift card?
There is a link at the bottom of our homepage or click HERE.

About the Art

◼︎ I have no idea what media to choose?
We have put together a few blog articles to solve this very problem. There is an article on the fine art paper that we use, along with brief descriptions with every product listing. There are also other helpful and informative blog articles (with examples) about prints on Acrylic, Metal, and Wood. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

◼︎ What is a Limited Edition print?
Why, what luck… We have a blog article on just that very subject! Click HERE to go to our blog.

◼︎ What the heck is Giclée?
Boy, are you in luck! Our blog has an article on just that query! You can click right HERE to go to our blog.

◼︎ What’s the difference between Open Edition and Limited Edition prints?
Photographic, Fine Art, and Giclée Prints of original artwork are generally sold as either ‘Limited’ or ‘Open’ Edition. An Open Edition means that there is no limit to the amount of prints, which may be produced from an original. A Limited Edition means that there is a set limit of prints in each edition, which may be sold. Limited Edition Prints are more valuable as they are separately numbered and signed by the creator, with only a set number of prints available.

◼︎ How do I get Limited Edition status?
You can check the actual Limited Edition status by viewing the print in question. We will update the edition numbers as they are sold. (Go to the Limited Edition Gallery, click on the Print that you would like the status update on. You will see a number — something like this: 17/25 — that number means 17 of the limited edition of 25 have been sold.) Once a piece has sold its limit, it will be retired.

◼︎ Can I change or customize your prints or patterns?
Sorry, no.
But we can give you the name of some very good custom printers.

◼︎ Do you offer digital downloads?
We have actually spent a great deal of time pairing our prints with the media that will best compliment our art. A JaKAaO digital download that is printed on a cheap 4-color inkjet would just be wrong. (Even our at home, self-printed proofs are done with a 8-color printer!)

◼︎ Do your Limited Edition Prints come with a certificate of authenticity?
, every single one of our Limited Edition Prints are not only hand-signed, -titled, and -numbered, but also come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. It is included with the print in our ‘White Glove Care’ hand-packed, extra-protective mailers and shipping boxes.

◼︎ What is this ‘White Glove Care’ you keep mentioning?
If you haven’t seen our video on ‘White Glove Care’ you can see it HERE.

◼︎ Can you help me pick a set or collection for my office?
. We absolutely can. Please just contact us and let us know if you found something on our website shoppe, or if you would like to see a custom set-up specifically for your space.

◼︎ Are your pieces organic, vegan, cruelty-free, safe for pregnant and/or nursing women?
YES! Not to mention our products, whenever possible, use: • Eco Inks (water-based, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free) • Sustainably sourced paper or wood • No Plastic (Plastic-free) wherever practicable • Recycled content. In addition to all of these eco-friendly practices, our partners adhere to anti child labor and anti forced labor regulations, as well as providing traceability for all core raw materials.

About JaKAaO

◼︎ What is so special about JaKAaO?
JaKAaO (Jon & Kim | Art & Oddities) is the result of a lifetime of learning to follow our passion(s). Just like everyone else, we’re attracted to different talents — different methods of expression. Some are drawn to photography, some to painting (just using broad strokes here, folks — sorry. 😉), and some to sculpture, drawing, digital art, or, like us, have absolute appreciation for all of the arts. Art is a passion for the creator and a feeling for the viewer. We finally realized that there are so many like-minded souls out there, that get it, that feel it, and that want to share it. JaKAaO exists to share our passionate expression — without repression, without exclusion, without pretense, and without regret.

◼︎ How do I get updates on new JaKAaO releases and special events?
Easy! Just sign-up for our Newsletter! Subscribe with just an email address at the bottom of the page (in the footer) where it reads “SIGN UP FOR UPDATES”.

◼︎ Are you interested in showing your art in galleries?
Sure! We have just been so darn busy putting our shoppe together, creating new pieces, an occasional photo safari, and social media-ing, that we haven’t had the time to properly approach any galleries. But, hey, if you know of any or are one who might be interested, please, just let us know. We would be honored.

◼︎ Do you accept commissioned projects?
Maaaaybe… whatcha got in mind?

◼︎ How do I get in touch with you?
We are pretty easy to contact: There is a “Chat with us!” button at the bottom right of the page; Click HERE to go to our Contact page; and click HERE if you would like to send us an email.

◼︎ Hey, aren’t you guys professional graphic designers? Will you design a (fill-in-the-friggin-blank) for me?
Yes. Yes, we are professional graphic designers. And, No. We are honestly trying to transition to creating art and living our passion… our dream of loving what we do, and doing what we love… (without demands like ‘make the logo bigger,’ ‘can you turn the elephant so he faces a different direction,’ or ‘make it pop!’ ugh.)

More Questions?

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