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Only because this particular section seems important somehow, we will do our best to share our own unimportant life and learned stats, facts, and, knowing Kim, superfluous bullshit. (Seriously. Does anyone read this nonsense?)

Jonathan D. Colvin (aka Jon) — Jon is an incredible fine art artist, photographer and graphic designer. Using all of his art/life influences, extensive education, and natural-born talent, Jon puts 'passion to paper' no matter the project. 

Jon was brought up, like most of us, knowing that our desire and job may be far from the same thing. Jon knew that just having the title 'artist' wasn't going to pay the bills... but it did make for a lifetime of honing, expanding, and exploring new ways to create art. From crayon drawings of treasure maps to sketching passers-by at the airport, Jon’s desire to get the next creation out of his soul and onto paper is eternal.

With meticulous detail (and patience — "It's done when it's done"), Jon has the gift to reproduce exactly what he imagines. For example, his graphite drawing of a great blue heron has taken months to bring to life. Using only his own photographs for reference, Jon’s hands (a lefty, by the way) miraculously know where each plumbago stroke should and will be. 

Jon’s talent and passion doesn’t stop at creating fine art. His love for and skill in photography shows brilliantly in every one of his exquisite ‘millisecond of life’ images. With consummate attention to the most minute details, Jon is a ‘Manual’ shooter — controlling not only his focus, but the focus of the piece. 

Whether it is an original fine art piece or a perfectly captured moment in his photography, Jon truly has enviable talent. Please, take some time to click through the online gallery. See for yourself.

Kimberly M. Carmell (aka Kim) — As a unique professional creative, photographer, and a three-and-a-half-decades-deep graphic designer, Kim is an artist of different caliber, experience, and vision. She is also responsible for the necessary inclusion of “Oddities” in their company name. For as long as she can recall, Kim has been both drawn to and fascinated by art and its artists — particularly the avant-garde, the original, the bizarre and unusual.

Through her lifelong creative journey, Kim has experimented with many conventional fine art methods. But it was always the unconventional that pleased her passion. Being a self-taught and self-directed artist has allowed Kim to ‘lean in’ and go with the talent and interests she has (albeit dark, different, or eccentric).

By combining her photography and the ability to create fantastical images, Kim’s canvas is almost exclusively digital. (Note: Kim will soon be offering some hand-painted, mixed media original creations with limited edition prints. Stay tuned!) With over 35 years experience as a graphic designer, it only seemed natural for Kim to meld her artistic passion with her constantly expanding apps, digital tools, and knowledge.

Along with some beautiful flora and fauna fine art prints, Kim offers her own line of eccentric apparel, home goods, and plenty of other oddities. Go have a look around… and add a little weirdness to your life.



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