‘Soft Watching’ Acrylic Print

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Soft Watching (by Kim) was a damn lucky shot—and it seems worthy of our unique printing styles. You can see this print on Canvas, Acrylic (like here), and Wood (and a few other 'odd' places).

Acrylic Prints offer brilliant, luminous colors and fascinating depth and detail. Using premium polished, 99.9% optically pure, crystal clear acrylic and high-density, super-vivid color printing creates amazing depth and sharp details. With an advanced printing technique and our hand-curated choice of mounting options, an Acrylic Print will wow every viewer.

  • 1/8 inch, 99.9% pure, clear acrylic
  • Incredibly bright, vivid colors and high shine
  • Comes ready to hang
  • COMES READY TO HANG! Included Back Float Mount: is a floating frame on the back (image below). Invisible when hung and will give the impression that your art is floating away from your wall.

Try a Backlit Effect — Perfect for subtle, unique ambient light. All you need is a small string of fairy lights (amount, brightness, and color are entirely up to you!) We recommend using the battery or remote-controlled lights... then there will not be any unsightly wires hanging from your Backlit Acrylic Print!

NOTE: You may see this image (and several others) listed, what seems, repeatedly. They are actually the same image applied to several different curated 'surfaces' (photo paper, fine art paper, wood, acrylic, etc.) Each is truly unique! We have a couple BLOG articles that may help explain.

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