‘Lynn's Rose’ Glass Cutting Board

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‘Lynn's Rose’ by Kim.

Made from tempered glass, our custom cutting boards are highly durable, heat-resistant, scratch-proof and offer crystal-clear clarity. Each cutting/chopping board is finished with a chinchilla ripple effect and comes with four self-adhesive plastic feet designed to prevent slipping on kitchen work surfaces and protect against damage.

Images are printed onto a pure-white base coating using dye-sublimation technology, ensuring a crisp, colorful result to help brighten up any kitchen or foodie’s meal prep.

Choose from either a rectangular or circular-shaped cutting board.

  • Toughened, tempered glass 
  • Heat-proof and scratch-resistant 
  • Perfect clarity
  • Anti-slip base 
  • Beautiful color reproduction

NOTE: You may see this image (and several others) listed, what seems, repeatedly. They are actually the same image applied to several different curated 'surfaces' (photo paper, fine art paper, wood, acrylic, etc.) Each is truly unique! We have a couple BLOG articles that may help explain.

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