Hello! Welcome to JaKAaO 💛

Well, hello there!

Thank you so much for coming to visit us, and especially for making it all the way to our blog! Please, allow us to introduce ourselves — we're Jon & Kim Art & Oddities (aka: JaKAaO). We hope you will excuse any errors or weird formatting... we're trying to figure this virtual world out kind of as we go.

Come on in and get to know us! 

Along the way, we will share what, where, and how we find beauty and art in everything — even the unusual, the unique, and the oddities of the world (PS: Kim's favorite!) We are more than just a(nother) photography and print seller. We are artists (sans the 'ego') — each with different styles, techniques, and talents. Every creative piece we 'put out there' is personal. We're here to share that with you.

JaKAaO is going to try something new... something a little different... and we hope, a little less intimidating. We want to welcome everyone to browse our galleries. You don't need be a collector or have a PhD. in art. You don't need to be a gallery owner, docent or curator (you don't even need to know what those are)! Hell, you don't even need shoes (we live in Florida, we only wear shoes when we absolutely have to). It’s our belief that art is for everyone!

While you’re clicking through our CreatiVisionary Shoppe of Awe & Wonder remember, in addition to our beautiful fine art photography (…ahem… available in a plethora of mediums, by the way), we have even more to explore! The curiosity of our oddities will be well worth your visit. We not only have original wall art and limited edition prints, but we have also designed some very unique and interesting ‘oddness’. Who wouldn’t love a pair of comfy banana socks? Or our soon-to-be famous “Does It Smell Like Art In Here” t-shirt? And for our dark-humored friends, be sure not to miss our all-over-print ‘Ravens, Roses, & Eyeballs’ capri leggings!

Whew… there’s so much to see. We hope you enjoy Jon & Kim | Art & Oddities (JaKAaO, for short). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. There’s a live chat button below too. And, if you would like to keep up and following our new releases, give-aways, tips and tricks, JaKAaO blog, and our rise to super-stardom — please sign-up for our Newsletter (we will always remember our friends *wink*)! 

Just keep in mind, if someone had ever said that art has to be serious, snooty, or stodgy… It sure wasn’t us! 

Look a little, laugh a little, live a little… 

Thank you again for finding your way here — We know you'll find something you love.



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